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Star Disk Bracelet

Royal Flush Ring
Romans Andins

Royal Flush Ring

Signia Gap Ring

The ring is stylish and looks nice

shits sick so far

mf better not rub off on my finger after i shower

Goated Dagger Earrings
Caleb menjivar

Goated Dagger Earrings

Make your bracelets bigger.

I fw this bracelet heavy but bro. It’s so fucking annoying to put on and take off it’s too short and the clip is almost impossible to open w one hand let alone keep the bracelet from falling off ngl it’s the type of thing that will make you genuinely tweak unless you have a super tiny wrist.

Rose Link Bracelet
Jordan Rodgers
Rose bracelet

Super tuff daily wear !!

Cross Wrap Ring

Wu Kong Spinner Ring
Zachary Cordova
Tastefully Sophisticated

The Wu Kong Spinner ring is the first ring I have ever bought and I have zero regrets. The engraving is super detailed and tasteful and the ring itself is an amazing option for under $40. The ring and spinner do shake a bit, but not excessively so. 9/10

By far my favorite ring

Very nice quality, the shine and polish on it is amazing.

*DEFECTIVE BATCH* Templar Crosshair Bracelet
Very nice

Came as shown, good quality; I shower with it on and I dont have any problems.

Eff Off Ring
Amya Redmond

Eff Off Ring

Rose Pendant with Chain
Giovani Marrero

loved my rose chain, but i never got my sticker

Stacked Cross Ring
Jesse Lambert

This ring is a statement, subtle but bold. This was the third ring (won’t be the last) I’ve gotten from Avail.


one of the best rings i’ve got

Fleur de lis ring

Very nicely made ring. My order’s came fast

Dice Fleur Bracelet
Michael Hong
Exactly What i wanted

Luh uncomfortable but its expected. Looks as fire as it looks in the photo

Heavy Rolo Bracelet
Sigmond Jenrette

The bracelet is really nice but it’s too small for my wrist. Can I return it?

Flipped Stacked Cross Ring
Very good

Fits well, looks amazing, very pleased

Black Gem Signia Ring
Wanderley Da silva

I would like to know if is possible to return, I got the wrong size! I got 7 and 8 and for the right size is 9 !!! Please let me know

Love it so much

It’s very good, easy to put on and take off, it is a little loud but it’s understandable


This ring is pretty cool, it is kinda bulky but that’s shown in the pics and I don’t mind it but it’s really good quality.

An actual good product

I expected the bracelet to be a little bit cheaper made but turned out pretty damn good for its price as well, 10/10

Very Fun, Looks Good

The ring looks very nice and shiny; on top of that it’s very nice to spin whenever I’m feeling anxious. Great product, 10/10

Great quality

Will definitely shop more